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We are a group of psychologists and allied helping professionals. We have over twenty-five years of experience, delivering our services in a confidential, warm, safe and caring environment. You can scroll down to learn more about each of our practitioners.

RACHEL ABRAMSON & ASSOCIATES remain open during each stage of the current COVID pandemic. We are keeping abreast of current government requirements so that we can keep our clients, colleagues and ourselves safe throughout this period. If you are at all worried or concerned about how COVID may affect you, feel free to contact us.

FAQs When Seeing a Psychologist Under Telehealth

Telehealth: All Australians are eligible to access psychological services via telehealth. To avail yourself of this service, you will need an electronic device with a fast, reliable internet connection. There is no software to download. Dr. Abramson will email a link to our secure online portal HealthDirect: HealthDirect is a secure online portal exclusively developed for the health sector to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. HealthDirect is HIPAA compliant. Data is encrypted at both ends of the internet connection; which means that any data shared within the portal remains equally private and confidential. No data is retained after the consultation has ended. For this reason, HealthDirect will ask for permission to access your camera and microphone each time you click on its link.

To attend your scheduled appointment, you need merely click on the link five minutes before your scheduled appointment and follow the prompts. You can also bookmark that link for future appointments should you so desire.

Click on the graphic entitled "FAQs When Seeing a Psychologist Under Telehealth" if you would like further information about seeing a psychologist under Telehealth.

FAQs When Seeing a Psychologist

Face-to-face: Face-to-face appointments are held at The Jewel, Suite 307, 566 St Kilda Road, Melbourne. There is onsite parking for those who may require. There is also one-hour unmetered parking on Beatrice street and metered parking on St Kilda Road (which is unmetered on Sundays). We are opposite tram stop 26.

Upon arrival, you will see a sign advising you not to enter the premises before your scheduled appointment. This is because we clean and disinfect the premises between clients. Your appointment will take place in the reception space so as to maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres. Hand sanitizers are provided for your use. If there is anything else you may need to feel safe, please do not hesitate to let us know beforehand.

Please bring proof of double-vaccination to your first F2F appointment. If you find yourself unwell on the day of your scheduled appointment, please ring your psychologist to make alternate arrangements.

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About Dr. Rachel Abramson, Ph.D

Dr. Rachel Abramson

The most common reasons for coming to see Dr. Abramson are for anxiety (including anxiety around health or COVID), sleeping difficulties, stress, depression and trauma. Clients may also come to see her if a loved one has been given a terminal diagnosis or because there are unwanted thoughts or feelings in their head and those thoughts/feelings are making it difficult to do their job or nurture their most important relationships.

About Rachel

Dr. Rachel Abramson is an organisational, health and counselling psychologist. She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and a fellow of the APS College of Organisational Psychologists, APS College of Health Psychologists and APS College of Counselling Psychologists. She has an interest in healthy aging across the lifespan (both in terms of longevity and quality of life as we age). She helps adults and older adults work through their concerns using schema therapy. The goal of which is to help clients heal their own vulnerabilties from a position of strength and resourcefulness.

Clients can make an appointment by emailing Dr Abramson, texting or phoning 0418 149 506. She has capacity to take on additional clients via telehealth in November/December 2021. She will have capacity to take on F2F clients in early January.

About Rachel

Dr. Abramson's fees for F2F and telehealth appointments will remain at $99 per consultation for the duration of the current pandemic. Fees for face-to-face appointments can be paid by cash or cheque at the time of consultation. Fees for telehealth appointments can be paid via EFT 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. In this way, Dr. Abramson can issue a receipt for Medicare purposes on the day of your appointment.

A Medicare rebate may apply for those with a GP referral and a Mental Health Care Plan. Where third parties are directly paying for Dr. Abramson's services, her fees will reflect the standard TAC rate for psychologists.

The Associates

We currently have two associates in our group:


Ms. Tess McLoughlan is an organisational, counselling, educational and forensic psychologist and has been in private practice for 30 years.

Ms. McLoughlan has an interest in personal injury and trauma following crime, workplace abuse and accidents. Through methods of psychoeducation and cognitive-behavioral skills training and trauma-informed counselling, clients are assisted to gain insight and support in their recovery and rehabilitation.

Psychological reports are prepared when appropriate for conciliation, compensation and justice.

Ms. McLoughlan is available for consultations during business hours by appointment. Bookings and enquiries for Ms. McLoughlan can be made on 0411 466 521 during standard business hours.


Ms. Jo Zajd provides family and relationship counselling. Bookings and enquiries for Ms. Zajd can be made on 0498 978 665 during standard business hours.

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